Sweet & Dessert Wine List


Sweet Wines

Ocean Drive Sunset (Moscato) - This California Muscat is fresh and vibrant with a succulent blend of flavors and aromas including peach, apricot, baked apple and pear.
Bless Your Heart (Coconut Lime) - This California Sauvignon Blanc has zesty lime notes balanced with flavors of coconut and citrus.
Side Porch (Peach) - This California Chardonnay explodes with the scent of peaches and is crisp and extremely flavorful with the sweetness of a fresh juicy peach.
Hissy Fit (Strawberry) - This light California Riesling wine offers the sweet aroma of strawberries with tropical fruit and floral flavors.
Sweet Wine — Dessert Wine in Concord, NC
Adams Apple (Green Apple) - This refreshing German Gewurztraminer is intensely flavorful with soft acidity, fruity aromas and reminiscent of a freshly cut green apple.
Boardwalk Breeze (Citrus Orange) - A California Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of orange and grapefruit. It is a blending of these flavors with lemon and lime notes.
Red Dirt Road (Watermelon) - This California White Merlot presents all the characteristics of a slice of fresh watermelon.
Sweet Sydney Red (Raspberry) - This California White Zinfandel blends beautifully with flavors of sweet, ripe raspberries.
Katie's Choice (Pomegranate) - This California Red Zinfandel blends wild berries and notes of pomegranate.
Turkey Trot (Cranberry) - The velvety richness of Italian Chianti blended with the taste of fresh cranberries. It is robust and elegant with sweet berry flavors.
Refreshing Red Wine — Dessert Wine in Concord, NC
Cathead Creek (Orange Sangria) - This Sangria made from French Bordeaux has fresh and sweet juicy flavors balanced by the bitterness of Seville Orange. This sangria is great alone or you can get creative by adding chopped fruits or chilled club soda.
Turtle River Blue (Blueberry) - Blueberries with a splash of Australian Shiraz. A combination of dark fruit flavors with a touch of tannins and structure.
Shem Creek (Black Cherry) - This light and fruity California Merlot has flavors of black cherries and balanced by a subtle touch of tannins.
Carter's Whistle (Blackberry) - A Washington Merlot blended with intense flavors of juicy blackberries and ripe currants.
Sunday's Dessert (Plum) - This sweet red has a light floral note with a juicy palate with hints of spice and plum on the finish.
Collection of Wine — Winery in Concord, NC

Dessert Wines

Hey Y'all (Port) - This deep ruby red port wine has bold aromas and flavors of black cherries and blackberries.
Amazing Grace (Raspberry Mocha) - This ruby red raspberry mocha port has aromas of dark chocolate and coffee blended with raspberry. Sweet on the palate with nuances of cocoa powder and coffee with hints of tangy acidity from the raspberry.
Fit To Be Tied (Toasted Caramel) - Toasted caramel port is creamy and sweet combining red wine and caramel aroma with the robust flavors of red fruit. The buttery caramel notes are perfectly balanced with rich toasted notes on the finish.
Gleamer Bay (Vanilla Fig) - This lovely vanilla port has dark berry and dried fruit aromas complemented by baking spices and vanilla bean.
Over Yonder (Chocolate Covered Cherry) - Rich aromas of dark cherry and flavors of chocolate fused with plum and toasted oak on the nose and a warm finish.
Honey Hush (Coffee) - Our coffee port has flavors of coffee and aromas of toffee, burnt marshmallow and chocolate that follows through to a palate which finished with lingering notes of vanilla.
Sweet Dessert Wine — Winery in Concord, NC