Wine Tasting Events

A wine tasting can be a great way to experience new wines for the first time. If you haven't had wine before, it will be very challenging to purchase a wine. Since you don't know which kind of wines that you like, you won't know to look for something delightfully sweet, velvety rich, or full-bodied. Even if you enjoy wine and have been for a while, you may have just found one or two that you like and stuck with them. With a wine tasting, you can expand your horizons and learn what else is out there to enjoy.
Red Wine and White Wine for Tasting — Winery in Concord, NC

Why Wine tasting?

At Cabo Winery, we don't want you to purchase a bottle of wine and end up not enjoying it. We also don't want you to make a decision based solely on what the bottle looks like. We recommend taking the time to experience a wine tasting before settling on your favorites. Whether you have been enjoying wine for decades or are relatively new, it's always a great idea to try before you buy.

Wine Tasting Options

Cabo Winery offers two options for wine tasting:
$6 / person – Choose 5 Wines and get a collectible glass.
$10 / person – Choose 5 wines, get a collectible glass, and a glass full of your favorite wine.

Start your Wine Tasting

Start your wine tasting today. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions by phone at 704-785-9463 or by email at